Stay Motivated To Exercise With These Three Tips

Almost everyone who has ever tried to get in (or stay in) shape knows that sticking to a daily exercise routine can be very hard. Many people lose the desire to exercise almost right away. It takes more than just inspirational quotes to get out the door and start exercising, though phrases like “you can do it” certainly do tell the truth. You can do it, and if you follow these three tips, you’ll find that staying motivated to exercise isn’t as hard as you once thought.

Something is Better Than Nothing

It is easy to feel apathetic about exercising when you feel that you are not doing enough to make a difference. Stop these silly thoughts! It is important to keep in mind that doing any sort of exercise(even in the smallest amounts) is better than doing none. A half hour walk every evening is a great starting place for your daily exercise. As you grow more comfortable you will be able to add more intense exercises to your routine without becoming discouraged.


Creating a routine is one of the best ways to stay motivated for your workouts. It doesn’t matter if you exercise daily or only once a week – you need to establish a routine. You should be as comfortable with this routine as you are with your morning hygiene schedule. If you set aside time every night for your walk (or other sort of exercise), then you are going to be a dozen times more likely to actually get out there and move!

Music or a Friend

Even if you have a super-set routine, there are still going to be days when you just don’t want to exercise. Having a workout buddy is a great way to prevent this. Figure out a time that works great for both of your to work out stick to it. Unfortunately, many people don’t have friends that can exercise at the same time as them, but that’s okay! If you’re one of these people, then music can be a great substitute for a pal (at least during your workout). Load up your iPod with the newest music and get going!

A lot of people shy away from exercise because they quickly become unmotivated. Working out is important for your health, so taking steps to avoid this exercise apathy is also important. With these three exercising tips, you’ll be much more likely to get out there and start moving!

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